This episode I am joined by Monique, a Canadian glassblower and woman making waves in the Cannabis Industry. We enjoy Cheese pre-rolls from Alberta producer Sugar Bud, and chat about her first experience with cannabis, journey into glass, supporting local, the great indica/sativa debate, terps on packaging, how to use concentrates, recommendations and cannabis retail. Don't forget to check us out on social media!

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June 20, 2021

Getting High With My Dad

In honour of fathers day, this episode I get high with my dad and talk about weed. He tells me about his first time getting high while we smoke Marley Red. We went to his first retail cannabis store (Spiritleaf) and discuss his thoughts, how he would navigate shopping alone and show him new formats and consumption methods. He goes into what weed was like in the 70's, his first time getting high,  mushrooms, music, getting high with me for the first time, his opinion on my job and more. 

Jackie is back with her man Joe to talk about how they met and cannabis inside a relationship. We enjoy Wedding Cake from BLLRDR while we talk about dating platforms, favourite products, CBD and dogs, how Joes consumption habits have changed, products for beginners, stigma and more.







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March 19, 2021

The Cannabinista

Anna, a Toronto based cannabis enthusiast and advocate joins me to talk about her DIY cannabis infusions and online platforms she uses as a voice to eliminate stigmas towards cannabis, shine light on how cannabis can be used for physical and mental health, and elevate women in the cannabis industry. I enjoy Abba Medix Sage and Sour while we discuss favourite products, starting out with cannabis infusions, ways to incorporate cannabis into food, The Cannabinista social media, cannabis stigmas and more.




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The Cannabinista

Brandi is baked.

Part 2 of Cannabis and Dating with Shekhar. I talk about my recent experience of digital speed dating while high as a kite and cannabis drinks. Shekhar and I go over cannabis specific dating apps and profiles, introducing your partner to cannabis, dating deal breakers, price of admission, cannabis friendly first dates, boundaries in the bedroom, odd relationship requests, dick pics and more.

January 28, 2021

Dating Round 2 Pt 1

This week my friend Shekhar joins and we discuss cannabis and dating from a different perspective while we enjoy Black Cherry Punch, an indica dominant cultivar from North 40. In part one, we discuss cannabis and sex, favourite products to enjoy with a partner, dating a partner who consumes cannabis vs alcohol and other substances, bad date stories, navigating online dating and more.

September 16, 2020

Cannabis and Dating

This episode Jackie joins me and we talk about cannabis and dating. We smoke Girl Scout Cookies while discussing products and stores we like, bad date stories, dating a man who smokes weed versus a man who doesn't, the stigma around cannabis while dating, Canadian waffles and more! Check out Jackie on the Joint Cheifs podcast here ---->     Follow Jackie on instagram  

This week I am talking to my best friend L about Cystic Fibrosis, a genetic disorder that affects the lungs and other organs. In the time I have known her she has never let her condition stop her from doing anything or slow her down. She doesn’t let it define her or complain, just lives each day to the fullest. I truly admire her strength and positive outlook on life. We discuss struggles she faces daily from CF and obsessive-compulsive personality disorder, the extra precautions she has had to take during the Covid19 pandemic, the impact isolation has had on her mental health, psychedelics, using cannabis while vacationing and more. To learn more about Cystic Fibrosis, volunteer or donate visit Strains this week, Mango Taffie by Good Buds and Blue Dream by Marley Natural. Mentioned in this episode; Thumbs up, 48north, Top Leaf, Tweed.  

May 14, 2020

Working in Weed.

This week I chat with Will, a manager of a popular Calgary cannabis store. We talk about what it's like working in the legal cannabis industry, the first few interviews for a position in cannabis, how the industry has changed since the early days of legalization, we discuss some of our favorite edible products, what it's like being considered an essential service and more. I am enjoying my Good Supply Pineapple Express cart while Will has some Lemon Riot (Raskal OG) from Sundial. 


Mentioned in this Episode; Tantalus LabsRIFFForayTGODEdison.

May 4, 2020


This week's episode is about cannabis stigma. While enjoying a Mac1 pre-roll from Qwest I speak with Amanda, a Canadian budtender, about her journey with cannabis as a medicine, self-stigma, and normalizing cannabis. We touch on regulations, packaging, some of our favourite brands, and a new cannabis networking app.

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